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Advanced DIY 3D Printer

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Welcome to the HevORT project!

What is the HevORT? In a nutshell, the HevORT is a DIY 3D printer that is meant to push the boundaries of FDM printing in terms of Speed, repeatability and maintainability. Quality will be the same as any well calibrated FDM only the HevORT prints to that quality level faster… much faster! :)

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Chapter Content Description
Intro. Why the HevORT?
1. Define the HevORT size you need
2. Calculate the length of extrusion, rails and ball screw you need
3. Select components configuration and options
4. Which electronics?
5. Main Data: CAD, BOM and STLs
6. How to Print your Parts
7. Assembly Instructions
8. Firmware configuration
9. First run!
10. Calibration
11. Fine Tuning
12. Mods and other add-ons
Ref. Useful References and Links

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