SubAssy Category Item Thumbnail Part Name Part Description Make/Buy QTY Comment Vendor Vendor URL ID
ZR_V2 Buy 1
BedSquare 2020 Extrusion Buy 1 See required Dimension as per Frame Calculator 2ef9a3e4130b47ff87e0a150cef27583
ZR_V2 Buy 2
BedSpring_20mm 20mm Spring Buy 4 Commonly available (same springs as most printers) e404c2ce27d244b19210a1bb56156199
ZR_V2 Buy 3
SFU1204-450 With Nut BAll Screw with Nut Buy 3 BK10 and BF10 machined end required.   BK10 and BF10 blocks ARE NOT required. f732cc13f3514bf2a5ccbd628cd0f7cb
ZR_V2 Buy 4
Ball Bearing 608ZZ Bearing 608ZZ Buy 3 d901dba6ddbd4127bf0567ea10fe573a
ZR_V2 Buy 5
6000_Bearing_5972K81 Bearing, 6000 Buy 6 6000-RS for Sealed or 6000-ZZ for Shielded.  Both will do. de33ba5276229899d11c6192b196a71f
ZR_V2 Buy 6
Coupler D20L25-5.0-8.0 Coupler, Spider - 8 to 5mm Buy 3 f5d3e35bde63af02b5ae4dfd2afc68be
ZR_V2 Buy 7
MGN12H_150MM MGN12 Rail with H Block  Buy 3 da02720ffea94dedb5d0493a512305ad
ZR_V2 Buy 8
MGN12H_Rail Assy MGN12H Rail - For Z Buy 3 See required Dimension as per Frame Calculator e6971c7dddd4489087852fcdb5a380b0
ZR_V2 Buy 9
BedPlate MIC6 Aluminum 6mm thickness Buy 1 See required Dimension as per Frame Calculator Mic 6Ū a registered trademark of Arconic
Alca 5™ a registered trademark of PCP Aluminum
Alpase K100-SŪ is a registered trademark of TST, Inc (Flatness not equal)
Vista Metals ATP 5™ is a registered trademark of Vista Metals Corp
Alimex ACP 5080™ is a registered trademark of Alimex, Germany.
Formodal 030™ is a registered trademark of Bikar Metal in Germany.
Thanks to Steven Kleinert for the info.
ZR_V2 Buy 10
POS8_RodEnd RodEnd, POS08 or POS8 Buy 3 Note:  you may want to buy a few extra if ordering from AliExpress as level of precision of the bearing can vary. AliExpres e79cdc31a3e84973a286be9989152cf7
ZR_V2 Buy 11
NEMA17 1.8 degree Stepper Motors 60 mm* Stepper Motor - NEMA17X60mm Buy 3 *It is recommended to use 60mm 1.8 degree motors to avoid the bed falling down due to backdriving b1368250436e4bc788b0324a803487d7
ZR_V2 Hardware 12
Ball_Bearing_6mm Bearing, Ball - 6mm Buy 9 Ball Bearing dont need to be magnetized, Stainless Steal or Chrome Steal preffered. 5c473c0a9433471984d99d73e5c182c6
ZR_V2 Hardware 13
Magnet_8X3mm Magnet, Disc - 8X3mm Buy 30 Neodymium (these magnets are sold as 3mm thick but the ones received are 2.75mm. True 3mm thick will not create any issue.) 2501a9ee8a3045bda1bf08f9dc274b83
ZR_V2 Hardware 14
M10X1.00_HexNut_91415A215 Nut, Hex - M10X1.00 Buy 3 Thread has to be 1.00 to match Ball Screw machined end for BK10 020a078e0abd49d1b2ca48702967f804
ZR_V2 Hardware 15
M3_Nut_94150A325 Nut, Hex - M3 Buy 22 2d86f6916465472c89aad696bb27ce19
ZR_V2 Hardware 16
M4_Nut_94150A335 Nut, Hex - M4 Buy 9 0cb37cee49c04c648a3d44daf949f2a4
ZR_V2 Hardware 17
M8X1.25_HexNut_90593A007 Nut, Hex - M8X1.25 Buy 6 7a58c7cf076b4378ae634d009458fe1d
ZR_V2 Hardware 18
M5X2020_T-Nut_91239A224 Nut, T-Slot - M5 for 2020 profile Buy 26 Any type is ok, make sure to have a few roll in (drop in) T-Nut under hand 5ca753d301784575bd08396c3be2b8e1
ZR_V2 Hardware 19
M3X3030_TSlot_Nut Nut, TSlot - M3X3030 Buy 24 Qty 24 based on Z Print size at 340.  Add Qty3 for every additional 5cm of Z axis over 340mm.  257f1bc4d89f4e63b96e7fa3cde992e3
ZR_V2 Hardware 20
M5X3030_TSlot_Nut Nut, TSlot - M5X3030 Buy 6 Any type is ok, make sure to have a few roll in (drop in) T-Nut under hand c7ebc4418b7c4f1394a7f9b6df43b1cd
ZR_V2 Hardware 21
M6_TSlot_Nut Nut, T-Slot - M6 for 3030 profile Buy 15 Any type is ok, make sure to have a few roll in (drop in) T-Nut under hand 20ecacca614f47cda294bbd9304c8325
ZR_V2 Hardware 22
M6X20_ButtonHeadScrew_91239A326 Screw, Button Head - M6X20 Buy 3 a01671deac504a36ad13d566f3432118
ZR_V2 Hardware 23
M5X10_ButtonHeadScrew_97763A820 Screw, ButtonHead - M5X10mm Buy 26 d03777fc098945e4b66277f8119cb87f
ZR_V2 Hardware 24
M5X12_ButtonHeadScrew_91239A228 Screw, ButtonHead - M5X12mm Buy 6 552eeb8eab64425485d04db4899ba1a0
ZR_V2 Hardware 25
M6X14_ButtonHeadScrew_92095A227 Screw, ButtonHead - M6X14mm Buy 16 6e3ef5dfd99a4fa28abe82a7c0b059e4
ZR_V2 Hardware 26