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Advanced DIY 3D Printer

Which STLs do I need?

The HevORT project has been designed to be modular. This means you can select from multiple components configuration and assemble the one that will suit your needs.

1. XY Gantry

You will find below the various configuration for XY Gantry. Select one in function of your needs:

Configuration Description ReleaseDate Thingiverse
Standard XY alt text
This version is suited for the commonly available GT2 pulleys. These pulleys available from china and other location are 9mm thick and have wider flanges(lips).
April 2019 HevORT XY
XY High Temp alt text
The High Temp version of the XY gantry features 5mm bore pulleys. These are slightly thicker (10mm) and have a narrower lips. Note that due to extreme compactness of some components, transition bushings are necessary to fit the 5mm bore onto 3mm hardware.
May 2020 HevORT XYHT
XY Heavy Duty HD9 & HD12 alt text
alt text
This XY Gantry will fit on the same frame as the Standard and HT version of the XY Gantry. The XYHD gantry are meant for very large printers or for the ones with very high performance in mind. Featuring: 9mm or 12mm 2GT Belt, Center Pulley Bore 5mm Dowell Pins, MGN12H instead of MGN12C and more…
Oct 2020 XYHD9 XYHD12

2. Z Axis and Build Plate

Choose your weapon wisely ;)

Configuration Description ReleaseDate Thingiverse
ZR - RETIRED This initial version of the Self Leveling Z axis on MGN rails from the HevORT works just fine if you are using quality Ball screws with excellent frame alignment as well as perfect tolerances printed parts… Sounds impossible to get? look at V2 below :) Feb 2020 ZR
ZR V2 (Wobble wings) - RETIRED alt text
Some may say, get proper alignment, get quality parts, go back to lead screw… Well The size of the bed on that printer makes it quite heavy. Moving it down and up in a non planar printing mode will get standards lead screw to wear out pretty quick. So for the ones of us who did not win the cheap ball screw lottery, this version of ZR system introduces Z wobble management using magnets and ball bearings. Also a second thrust bearing was added to allow the use of a M10X1.00 nut to secure the ball screw better.
May 2020 ZR V2
ZR V2.5 alt text
Using the same Z wobble management as V2, this new version integrates 2 new features: First, A double row angular contact bearing is now offering better axial load support to the ball screw. Second, a quality shaft collar from Ruland is providing a better resting shoulder to the thrust bearing than the poor half lip of a thread the SFU1204 usually offers.
Jan 2021 ZR_V2.5
HyperCube Evolution Z Adapters Upcoming. This option will let you use standard Hypercube Evolution from SCOTT_3D Z installation to your HevORT printer. TBD  

3. X Axis (Print Head)

Several versions are already published, but a lot more are being created by the community. Search for HevORT on Thingiverse to find the latest.
This list will capture the ones I created plus the ones from members of the FB community that wish to have their work posted here. All configuration here below include the BLtouch from Antclabs as a Z probe.

Configuration Description ReleaseDate Thingiverse
E3D Hemera alt text
Including configuration for E3D V6, Volcano and Super Volcano heatblocks. Part cooling is achieved via BerdAir system. Duct STL include on the Thingiverse page.
March 2020 Hemera
BMG/Titan Aqua Frankenstien by RUDDFAB12 alt text
This is the all metal BMG (Right Hand) paired with a Titan Aqua cooling plate, E3D Volcano and the E3D slim stepper. BLTouch and Optical endstop sensor mounts as well.
May 2020 BMG/Titan Aqua Frankenstien
E3D Hemera Top Mounted alt text
This print head requires the use of E3D Super Volcano. Part cooling is achieved by BerdAir system. Bltouch and optical sensors are used for positioning.
July 2020 Hemera TopMount

4. Electronics mounting solution

5. Accessories

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