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Advanced DIY 3D Printer

Defining the size of your HevORT

Big print area sounds better and something important you need. But lets figure out what size you actually need. Here are the pros and cons about big printers that are to be considered. When I a mean big print area i am talking about 450mm and + cubic printer.

GO Big? or not…?



So what size do you need might turn into what size can you afford?

My personal answer to this is 2 printers:

As a hobbyist, I would evaluate that a 315 X 315 X 315mm printer meets 90%+ of my print requirements. Only few times do I have to glue pieces or use other methodes for assembling smaller parts into a larger one.

Bottom Line, pick only 2 of these 3 criteria:

  1. Big
  2. Affordable
  3. High Speed Quality

The HevORT design was created for sizes from 315mm cubic to 615mm cubic. The sweet spot for a good printer that would be dipping in all three from the above criteria is probably sitting at 415mm cubic

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