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Advanced DIY 3D Printer

Choosing Electronic Components

  1. The Control Board
  2. Stepper Motors

1. The Control Board

3D printer electronics have come a long way since the popular RAMP boards.
32bit control boards are now the standard and more stepper motor drivers are being added to allow for all sorts of capabilities tool changer, multiple material extruder and even Triple Z Motor Self Leveling :)

The HevORT’s basic requirements to use the ZR (self leveling) is that you have at least 6 independent stepper motor drivers.

  1. X axis
  2. Y axis
  3. Extruder
  4. First Z motor
  5. Second Z motor
  6. Third Z motor

At this point as I only have experience with one specific control board, the documentation from this site will only cover that board. For now…

The Duet from Duet3D

alt text

Considered by many as the Cadillac of control boards, this open source device has many advantages over the majority of current available boards. A bit more expensive, but nobody ever regretted… At least that I know of…

What makes it so special? a few things;

  • Integrated web interface (Duet Web Control) that allows for complete control over the printer from anywhere using anything
  • Excellent stepper motor drivers:
    • Duet 2 (wifi, Ethernet and expansion board Duex2 & 5 ) are equipped with super quiet Trinamic TMC2660 capable of delivering 2.4Amp to your motors.
    • Duet 3 (MAin board and expansion) are equipped with powerful and noiseless Trinamic TMC5160 capable of providing 4.45Amp,
  • On the fly (during print) adjustments of almost all parameters:
    • Acceleration / Jerk
    • Motor Current
    • Retraction
    • Pressure advance
    • Z Offset (baby steps)
    • etc..
  • Excellent documentation and a support community with lots of knowledge
  • Integrated heat management through PCB dissipation. No need for additional cooling, heat sink of fan if properly mounted.
  • and I could go on for hours.

My typical workflow using the Duet looks like:

From the office:

Walk to the shop:

Which Duet to buy?

Two possible configurations of Duet can currently serve your HevORT: Remember, you need at least 6 stepper drivers to use the ZR Self Leveling.
Both solutions will be similar in price if we exclude the optional raspberry pi that the Duet 3 can use. Read more about Duet3 and RPI The Duet2 (Main Board) + Duex5 (Expansion) will provide you with more stepper drivers for the same price

We’ve learned lately that a new Duet Board will see the light soon. Look at Duet 2 Pro in the table here below.

Components Number of Drivers Raspberry Pi interface Price Expandability Technology release date
Duet 2 (wifi or ethernet) + Duex5 10 NO +++ 0 Additional Stepper 2017
Duet 3 MB 6HC 6 YES ++++ up to 24 Additional Stepper 2019
Duet 2 Pro TBA Same as Duet3 TBA TBA TBA

2. The Stepper Motors

alt text

Servo or Stepper? Very good read on the topic.
Calculate the power rating and max speed of your stepper motor:

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