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Advanced DIY 3D Printer

Ordering Extrusion Profiles, Rails and Ball Screws.

The Frame & Friends Calculator Excel sheet will help you to figure out the exact dimensions and quantity of extrusion you need to order. It will also define the rails, ballscrews, bed plate and heater pad size you need for that size.
Since rails and ballscrew can only be ordered into preset dimensions, please ensure that the print size you select will give you standard rail and screw size.

Proposed sizes can be found into the Calculator.

Frame & Friends Calculator

How to use the Frame Calculator

1. Enter your desired print area dimension for X axis and Z only.

(Y axis will be filled in automatically) X and Y ration as to be kept to 1:1 due to the Bed Arms angle. They are pointing the exact center of the bed by design, changing the XY ratio will affect this center point.

NEW! Selection box for gantry type (STD/HT or HD) will now trigger selection of certain option lines. Summary table will be reflecting this selection.
NOTE* - HD print area will be smaller due to wider Y carriages and bigger print head. around 35mm will be amputed to X and Y.

2. Refresh the pivot table by right clicking on it and selecting Refresh.


Here are a couple of snapshots from results of recommended sizes:

Size Frame Calculator results
X315 Y315 Z340
X415 Y415 Z440
X315 Y315 Z340*
X415 Y415 Z440*

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